Travel information


Metro L3 (green line): stop “Palau Reial

Tram T1, T2 or T3: stop “Palau Reial

There are four ways to go from Barcelona airport (El Prat) to the Faculty of Chemisty of the University of Barcelona (UB)

  1. Metro: line 9 south (orange line from Airport to Zona Universitària); the ticket costs € 4.5
  2. Taxi: Barcelona airport has two terminals, i.e. Terminal 1 (new) and Terminal 2 (old), which are connected by free shuttle buses. From Terminal 1, you will require approximately € 28 for cab fare, € 26 from Terminal 2.
  3. Bus: Buses from the bus company Aerobús leave every 10 minutes from both Terminals to the city center. The buses stop at “Plaça Espanya” where you can take the metro, line 3 (green line; see above). You may also stop at “Plaça Catalunya” (terminus of Aerobús) where metro L3 is also available.
  4. Train: trains (line R2N) leave from Terminal 2 of Barcelona airport every 30 minutes to the city center, namely to the main train station named “Barcelona Sants”. From this station, you can take the metro line 3 to the University of Barcelona.